Please check with us via phone or e-mail about
availability of kittens.  Let us know what you are
looking for in terms of color and sex of the kitten.  
We try to accomodate your preferences as much as
possible.  We will then e-mail photos of our
available kittens to you.  We welcome you to visit
the kittens to select your kitten.   Once a kitten is
selected, we will accept a deposit to hold your
kitten until pick-up.  We will ship if necessary but
prefer you to pick up your kitten if at all possible.

We let our kittens leave for good homes between 3
to 4 months of age. This allows us to complete their
series of 2 to 3 distemper vaccinations. Also by this
age the kittens are eating dry food well and they
have been able to learn good social skills so they
can more easily adapt to their new homes.
Blue Isles kittens are guaranteed to be feline
leukemia and feline AIDS negative. They are also
guaranteed against any congenital conditions or

Because serious breeders of pedigree cats are so
concerned about their animals we take special care
in placing them into what we hope are loving
homes. When you acquire a pet from us we ask
that you abide by requests that we believe are in
the best interests of the particular cat or kitten. We
also make certain requests that we believe help the
cat breed in general. These requests are included
as part of our purchase agreement. (
See  sample
purchase agreement.)

All new owners agree to spay or neuter their new
kitten. Spaying and neutering is typically best
performed between 5 and 7 months of age.
We strongly discourage the "declawing" of cats and
kittens. The process of "declawing" is not the
removal of the feline's fingernails, but actually the
amputation of the tips of the kitten's "fingers". It is
usually sufficient to keep scratching toys and posts
readily available for your cat to prevent damage to

We also occasionally have young adult cats in need
of good homes as well. These cats leave our home
already spayed or neutered.
Please contact us by
e-mail or phone @
(239) 437-6696 if you
would like to talk with
us about adopting a
kitten or cat.
Please read our
recommended care
instructions for your
new pet