Blue Isles Sample Contract
                     Pet Purchase agreement
In purchasing this kitten/cat I (the buyer) agree to the
following conditions and terms:
1. The kitten/cat will be neutered at the appropriate age
(5-7 months). If the buyer disregards this agreement and
breeds the kitten/cat the buyer will pay the breeder (Linda
Alexander) an additional fee of $350 in addition to the pet
price already paid at the time of purchase.
2. The kitten/cat will not be allowed outside unless on a
leash or caged.
3. The kitten/cat will not be declawed unless previously
discussed and agreed upon by the breeder.
4. If the buyer is unable to keep the cat/kitten for any
reason, the breeder will be notified and they breeder will
assist the buyer in finding an appropriate home for the
5. The breeder will provide the buyer with CFA registration
papers at the time when the breeder receives written
notification that the kitten/cat has been neutered.
6. The breeder guarantees the kitten/cat to be Feline
Leukemia negative and healthy at the time of sale.  A
Florida health certificate issued from the vet will be
provided if the sale is in the state of Florida.
7. The breeder agrees to replace the kitten/cat in the
event the kitten dies of a congenital defect within the first
year of life. A veterinarian autopsy/necropsy report must
be provided by the buyer to the breeder to verify the
cause of death of the kitten/cat.
8. This kitten has been given the following vaccines:

This kitten/cat should receive an annual vaccination in
Sex: Male/Female
Color: Seal/Blue/Chocolate/Lilac Point
Birthday: mm/dd/yy

Breeder: Linda Alexander
Address: Fort Myers, FL
Phone: 239-437-6696

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