This gallery contains the heritage and history of Blue Isles
Siamese. Some of these wonderful creatures are still with us, but
sadly some have left us for kitty heaven. Some have left the
cattery and been lovingly adopted by friends and family across
the country.
CH San-Toi Maui of Blue Isles
Maui was our foundation male. He is the
son of the late GC NW San-Toi Yankee
Doodle Dandy of Elsk. We were thrilled to
begin our breeding program with a cat of
this quality and outstanding pedigree.
Thanks to Dee and Connie of San-Toi for
sharing this beautiful male with us.
CH Caru Li Ling of Blue Isles, DM
Ling was our foundation female. She is the
daughter of late GC Caru Run For The
Roses. Ling consistently produced beautiful
kittens which enabled her to achieve
Distinguished Merit status for producing five
grand champion offspring. A special thanks
to Dayle Russell (Caru) for sharing Ling with
us and being our mentor and friend.
GC Blue Isles Bali
Bali was our first kitten, daughter of
Ling and Maui. We were thrilled when
our first Blue Isles siamese achieved
Grand Champion status. She is the
mother of GC RW Blue Isles Seychelles.
GC Klinekatz Fiji of Blue Isles
This is Fiji the father of RW GC Blue
Isles Seychelles. His strengths were his
hard, tubular body, expressive indigo
eyes, and light, short coat. Fiji had a
very outgoing disposition which he
passed on to his kittens. Many thanks
to Sandy Kline (Klinekatz) for breeding
and sharing this outstanding male with
GC RW Blue Isles Seychelles
Shelly is Blue Isles first
national and regional
winner. She was CFA's
Second Best Siamese and
Midwest Region's Fourth
Best Cat and Best
Siamese in 1997. She is
the mother of CH Blue
Isles Padre. She is no
longer part of our
breeding program, but
remains with us as our
treasured pet.
CH Blue Isles Padre
Padre is the only
offspring from GC
RW Blue Isles
Seychelles. Because
he was so
affectionate he
deserved to be a pet.
He only sired one
litter born August
1998 and now enjoys
his life as a
cherished pet
GC Blue Isles Bahama
Bahama is also one of Blue Isles earliest
kittens. She is the offspring of Ling and
CH, GP Texthai Casey of Caru. Bahama is
retired from breeding, but we still have
her daughter, GC Blue Isles Sicily in our
breeding program.
GC Blue Isles St. Croix
St. Croix is the last offspring
of our two foundation cats,
Ling and Maui. He is retired
from breeding and lives with a
wonderful family as a pet.
CH, GP Blue Isles Treasure
Treasure is now retired from breeding
and showing. He is now living with
his sister, Antilles, as a pet. His
strengths are his long tapered wedge,
large ears, and his beautiful milk
chocolate point color.
GC Blue Isles Antilles
Antilles is a blue point female. Her extreme
head is complimented by her long legs and
refined body.
 GC Blue Isles Sicily DM
(CH Su-Su Cyril of Blue Isles x
GC Blue Isles Bahama)
This is Sicily who is the
daughter of GC Blue Isles
Bahama. Her strengths are
her long, tubular body,
refined boning and long
sculptured head. She has
been an excellent mother
and has produced
consistently beautiful
babies. She retired from
breeding in April 2000 and
now enjoys her life as a pet
sharing her owner with her
daughter Angel (see below).
GC Blue Isles Angel
(CH San-Toi Jumanji x GC Blue Isles
Sicily DM)
Angel is our first lilac point grand
champion female. She captivates you
with her sapphire blue eyes, dramatic
wedge and glacier white coat.
GC Blue Isles Qwilleran
Qwill is an early offspring of our two
foundation cats, CH Caru's Li Ling of
Blue Isles and the late CH San-toi Maui
of Blue Isles. He has a very long and
muscular body, short coat and a
dramatic wedge with navy blue eyes.
He achieved Grand Champion status
as a six-year old male in October 1999
after being retired from the show ring
for five years!
GC RW Blue Isles Saba
(CH Sultry's Lexington x GC Blue Isles Sicily DM)
Saba is a chocolate point female.
Her strengths are her balanced
proportions, her navy, almond
eyes and her outgoing
personality. Saba was the second
highest scoring siamese kitten
nationally for 1999-2000 season.
GC Blue Isles Key Largo
Key Largo is an outstanding example
of a lilac male as he is both refined
and flashy
(Nitelite's Ultra Flash of Blue Isles x GC Blue Isles Salina)
GC Blue Isles St Kitts
(CH Blue Isles Muncie of Charjanie x GC RW Blue Isles Saba)
St. Kitts is a seal point female
who captivates you with her
deep blue eyes and pleasing
GC Lilla B Keiko of Blue Isles
(CH Caru Micheal of Lilla B x CH Geishagoll Angelina of Lilla B)  
Keiko is a blue point female bred by
Holly McCreary of Lilla B. Her
strengths are her clean wedge, large
ears and beautiful eyes. She has
been a pleasure to show and own.
We are grateful to Holly for sharing
this lovely girl with us.
CH Caru Rum Runner of Blue Isles
Many thanks to Dayle
Russell, my friend and
mentor for sharing
Runner with me
GC Blue Isles Salina
Salina is the mother of GC Blue
Isles Key Largo.  She produced
many nice kittens and was a great
asset to our breeding programs.
Thanks to Carole Young for
sharing her sire with us.  
(Sire:  CH Nitelite Dream Catcher of
Dam:  GC Blue Isles Sicily, DM)
(CH San-Toi Jumanji x GC Blue Isles
Sicily DM)
(CH San-Toi Jumanji x GC Blue Isles
Sicily DM)
(Thai-Yves Danseru de Reve of Caru x Caru Secret)